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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Shiver Me Timbers

Hubby and I headed to Colorado a week ago thinking that we would enjoy some gorgeous fall foliage hiking in the Breckenridge area.  Although we did see a lot of gorgeous shades of gold on our drive there, we found very little color while hiking.
In fact, this was the only sign of Autumn we saw on the trail.
Our second morning  we woke up to snow and chilly temps.  We didn't let that stop us.  We bundled up a little and headed out about 10:30 in the morning to hike Burro Trail.
You can see that the sun did come out and shine.  Although the trail ran through a forest and was very shady.

I stayed cozy and warm in my fleece jacket and it actually turned out to be perfect hiking weather.
No fall color, but we found beauty in other things, like these frozen ice crystals hanging on branches.

I always have my eyes out for a little love along the way.  (wink)

And I have a thing for moss and lichen.

Yes, I'm kind of likin the lichen on this rock.  :)
I noticed two little scrawny trees out in the middle all by themselves.
There were also many tall ones that could be displayed in the Rockefeller Center.  Maybe a little too skinny.

We watched this cute little fella nibble on an acorn for quite some time.  He would look over at us every now and then, but didn't seem to be bothered by us.
You know how your mind tells you that you can, but your body tells you that you can't?
I tried to balance on one foot on this stump.  Gosh, if that wasn't a silly sight.  This girl isn't quite what she use to be!

The perfect place for taking a breather along the trail!
We thought this tree was very unusual.
We walked along water for a good share of the hike.  It was the prettiest part of it.

The resort that we were staying at were going to do a group hike on this trail at 1:00, so I decided to leave a little token of love.
I wonder if anyone noticed it?

Sometimes things aren't what we expect, but there's beauty to be found, if we just look for it!

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Ghosts of Buckskin Joe

Hello my friends,
Today is Friday the 13th.  So I'm just wondering, do you have any superstitions, and
do you believe in ghosts?
Yesterday hubby and I visited the quaint town of Fairplay, Co.  While there we walked through South Park City.  A fun historic place with 40 exhibits to see.  Seven of them were original to the town.  I'll be sharing some of the fun items that we saw there in another post.
On our way home we drove to Buckskin Cemetery.

It's all that is left of the ghost town of Buckskin Joe.

Buckskin Joe, also called Laurette or Lauret, is a deserted ghost town in Colorado, United States. It was an early mining town, and county seat of Park County, Colorado.

As we drove up the hill, the cemetery looked small, consisting of only a handful of headstones.  But as we got out and walked, we found graves all over the hillside.

Many of them were in metal or wooden enclosures.


I have never been to a cemetery before that had so many primitive crosses.

This cast iron one was so unique and I loved the patina!

When you were a kid did you ever say, "cross my heart and hope to die"?  Me and my sisters use to say that when we were promising to tell the truth.  I wonder where we learned that from?
These two headstones of a husband and wife were right next to each other.  I thought they were very unique.

Do you find cemeteries to be eerie?
I find them to be very peaceful.  A place where someone's dear one has been laid to rest.
As we were leaving I noticed this heart hanging in a tree.
We stopped at an antique store in Fairplay.  The owner told us that last weekend Buckskin Cemetery had their annual celebration.
It is held on the night of a full moon and people dress like some of the deceased and do some type of reenactment.
She said people come from all over to see it.
I think that would be so interesting to see!  A bit of creepy fun!
I snapped this photo of an old church in Leadville, CO today.
I loved how the sun was shining right behind the steeple!
Wishing you a wonderful Friday the 13th, and remember, don't walk under any ladders.  :)
Good luck,


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vacationing in Colorado. . .

Hello my friends,
just hopping in to say that hubby and I took a road trip to Colorado.  We decided to "get out of Dodge" while wood flooring is being installed in 4 rooms in our home.
For that reason, there will be no Share Your Cup this week.
Please come back next week.
Here's a little glimpse of what we woke up to one morning in Colorado.

Looking forward to seeing what makes you happy this week!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Treasures and Trinkets Halloween Wreath

Hello my friends,
some of you may remember the trinkets that I have been gathering to make a Halloween wreath.
The other day I found myself home alone and feeling pretty good so I decided to see what I could come up with.
I started with this metal wreath.  It was a $1.99 thrift store find. 
I turned it over and used the backside. 

A few of my ornaments were large and I figured they would sit down in the wreath better on the concaved side.

I placed the large ornaments in first.  I already had these in my Halloween boxes, so I spent very little on this wreath.

Next I added some smaller ornaments.  One package I bought at a thrift for $1.50 and the other I bought at Michaels for $5 with a coupon.  I only used half of the small ornaments I had.
They are attached by hot glue.  The trick is to get the glue only where there is contact.  Also to hold it in place a while
 until it sets well.
From there the real fun begins. . .
I just started gluing trinkets wherever I could wedge them in securely.  I filled the little wooden pumpkin box with a black cat tag, a glittery bat, and a candy box.

The owl is a salt shaker.

I knew the mask would be a bit tricky to work in, but I wanted to use it.  It did end up covering some of the party horn, but I felt like it was okay.

I had a couple sprigs of web leaves so I cut them up and tucked them in here and there.

I had bought the noise maker and party horn off of eBay years ago.  The Happy Halloween, pumpkin bell, and ghost cookie cutter were thrift finds.  The little orange bird is one of my favorite things!

I used a couple of the pumpkin cupcake picks.

I added a couple of straw flags that I made a few years ago.  At the base is a tiny pumpkin man.  I love him too!!
I added some crepe paper to the bottom of the bingo card and stapled a ticket and black feather to the side.  I've tucked a few tiny potion bottles in here and there.

It's funny how all of these little things make me so happy!  Even something as simple as a rusty gear and spring.
My friends, Shirley and Joanne gifted me with some fun paper creations that I added as well.  This little cat is one of them.

I hung it on my craft room door and I could see that it needed some tweaking.  That's when I added things to the little pumpkin basket.
Here it is hanging on our front door.  Which I might add, needs to be stained very badly.

It was a fun wreath to create and I love every little trinket and treasure!
I will be sharing with these fun parties: